31 Jan

007 – Do You Believe?

There is one thing i know for sure, and that is Fourbearsjr wil be slow running on the spot, jazz turning and soul clapping all the way through today’s post:

007 – Do You Believe? 12" Remix

In a time when disco and deep house is about as popular as it's ever been it's interesting to look back and see how far ahead of the game some people were. Disco Edits, Disco house all of it for me is directly influenced by the 90's deep house and garage scene. It was a time when everything sat together and you'd hear a filtered hosue track alongside a New Jersey style Gospel Track, and i loved that about it.

Do You Believe? is one of those tracks,I first heard it on a Farley and Heller Journey by DJ's Mixtape. It's about as simple as a track can get, a massive kick drum, a superb disco lick and layered gospel style vocals that turn what could be a very average disco stomper into a massive dance floor destroyer.

It starts out with the biggest of kick drums and builds up, the oh so soulful disco groove comes in and then the filtered and layered stabs start and the track just kicks off…if you’ve ever heard this on a big system you'll get it, it just switches up and thumps along in the most impressive of ways. It’s a track I’ve used a lot of times when playing out, and the net result is the same every single time… mayhem!

I’ll leave it there and let you enjoy…

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