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Roisto – Apart in Love

I had a day off today so i'm going to take a freebie and choose something that both Fourbearsjr and myself have been arguing over who's going to post for a good week or so now.

Roisto – Apart in Love

One of my favourite periods in dance music is the early 00's, and the whole French touch house scene, it's often looked on as a bit cheesy, due to the fact it literally took over the world, but it's hard to deny the sheer quality of output by labels like Crydamour and artists like Buffalo Bunch, Alan Braxe and the like.

My ears always prick up at any track that contains those unmistakable filtered Rhodes chords and side chained bass lines…. but to be honest few people really nail that sound, but Finnish producer Roisto is certainly one of those guys who's got it in one.

It's pure unadulterated Disco, a driving beat pumps the track along but never overrides everything but the track really hits home when the filtered, chopped and delayed vocal starts to cut through.

To be honest though, even though I chose "Apart in Love" I love the whole EP. Apart in Love is probably the easiest jumping on trackbut the whole EP on Finnish label ¥Ø܆H C0NTR0L is simply outstanding, the modern funk of "I'm who you need" is an absolute dancefloor destroyer, and a must for any DJ playing a chilled early evening house set.

All in all a great listen, you can pick it up on iTunes  and it’s also worth checking out the super cool little video as well. enjoy:

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Andy Butler – You Can Shine (feat Richard Kennedy)

Just a quick one tonight but I really wanted to share this track as, in my opinion, it is flat out awesome..

You Can Shine by Andy Butler.

Most people will know Andy Butler from Hercules & Love Affair who’s stuff I do like, but this is him branching out on his own. It’s a slice of soulful/gospel house reminding me of classic vocal house from back in the day (stirling void etc) but brought bang up to date. It is massive, from the thumping kick and bass to the tremendous vocal it just hits you in the face and then never let’s up. It will be released on 12″ first and then digital later. Awesome stuff.

Patrice Rushen – Haven’t You Heard

It's going to be a qucik post today, as i'm exhausted, I was travelling a lot last week so Fourbearsjr was holding down the fort in exceptional style. It's been a long weekend, and throughout it i've been subjected to kids tv a ton as my little boy has been ill, so when i headed off to work today i needed some of my own childhood back hence todays choice.

Additionally I’m gonna kill two birds with one stone here and say thank you with one of his favourtie tracks that also happens to be one of mine.

Patrice Rushen – Haven't You Heard

There isn't much to say about this track, it's from Rushen’s Pizzazz album is the utter nuts, and was sampled to great effect by Harry and co on Daddys Favourite – I feel good things for you.

I just love how the tack just continually stomps along, even int he downbeat verse the drums are just kicking along in the background – and the strings and brass, and rhodes solo……then it switches up, and wowsers!

The track is great, enjoy:

Rae Sremmurd – No Type (J Pennyworth remix)

Just a quick one tonight. I didn’t really get a chance to listen to too much music on the way to or from work, so I am going to go for a track I have been playing relentlessly lately.

J Pennyworth’s remix of No Type by Rae Sremmurd.

New York based Pennyworth really works something gorgeous here. I do like the original, but I love what he’s done with this track. Some of the core elements remain: great flow and basic parts of the melody, but he has really accentuated them and added real depth to the track. I love the glitch/electronic, hip hop nature he brings to it, the vibes, the synths. Really gives the track an emotional kick.

Pick it up for free and I promise you, you will have it on repeat for ages. You can check out his other stuff via SoundCloud too. Make sure you do.

Django Django – First Light


I was really hoping today’s track would come on the radio this morning as I really wanted to post it up after hearing it the other day.

First Light by Django Django.

I am a big fan of their first album, in fact I think one of my first posts was their track Hale Bop. This is a track they are releasing initially as a white label 12″ (nice touch) with an album to follow I presume. And on the basis of this track I am pretty darn excited about further stuff.

This sounds like a great continuation from their first album. Also reminds me of Javelin a bit. Whatever, is a tremendous blend of indie, electronic goodness with those awesome beachboys style harmonies they do so well. Oh, it’s so infectious, to the point I can’t stop playing it. My favourite bit is the deep synths that come on at the end, immense.

John Martyn – May You Never

So, I am going to go with something a little different today. But when you get the chance to post a track like this then you have to take it.

I had a really long day. Up in the night with my boy and girl, then up at 4.45 to catch a train to London. By the time I was driving home at about 8pm I was a bit tired and emotional, and then today’s track came on:

A live version of May You Never by the great singer songwriter John Martyn.

Most will have heard of Martyn, but if you haven’t then he is worth looking up. A really interesting character, a great singer songwriter and tremendous guitar player who died in 2009.

This is one of his most well known tracks and for good reason. It is absolutely beautiful, from the wonderful lyrics to the great vocals and guitar playing. It gets me every time and almost reduced me to tears this evening as I sang along looking forward to getting home. This is a great version from the classic music show, The Old Grey Whistle test that was actually recorded the year I was born. My, it has stood the test of time well, it shows Martyn at the top of his game. Pure class.

Ron Basejam – Heads Together

Did you have a good weekend? I did, nice and chilled and I decided to get on with ripping some old vinyl. One of the tracks that jumped out and got stuck on my Nexus was: 

Ron Basejam – Heads Together

Now, I've always loved the OJ's Put our heads together, and this is a pretty straight forward re-edit fo that, bit of filtering, new drums, added bassline and loads of delay. It's about as simple as it comes, but, it really works.

It takes the main groove, but it's the subtle little changes to the looping that do it, switching from the original groove to a one bar loop and back out again, with the vocal chopped up… it takes all my favourite parts from the original and literally throws them out the window and turns in a dance floor Megaton bomb.

I've always liked Ron Basejams music, it toes the line really well between house and disco never straying too far into one or the other, his  A live in Headphones is a great album, and his remix of Alena changes is utterly brilliant with one of the biggest arse wiggling baselines you'll hear this side



Theo Parrish – Life Spice

Well the New Year started with one hell of a week, and it's all I could do over the weekend to catch up with the deluge of great music that's currently out there. However in a midst all of it there was one LP, and one LP only that was always going to get a feature and that was Theo Parrish's new LP American Intelligence which finally saw a digital release on Monday.

Really I could have picked any number of tracks from it but I thought i'd go for the insane wonky based funk of:

Theo Parrish – Life Spice

Parrish should need absolutely no introduction, a legend within Deep House and Techno, if you don’t know who he is deduct 4 “cooler than the others” points right….now! His monthly DJ sets at the now closed plastic People have been instrumental in educating the newest generation of electronic artists and this album is a perfect example of his ability to sit so perfectly among many contrasting genres.

The LP takes in and references pretty much every modern dance based music genre, from Jazz, to Motown, to Chi-House to Detroit techno but does it in a way that is unmistakably Theo Parrish.

I opted to go for Life Spice as it's just a mesmeric off time loop, that is reminiscent of the early french house sounds of Roul&eacute, Crydamoure and Artists like Buffalo bunch, just an insanely small loop that constantly pitch shifts, changes and mutates to give a sense of movement without ever veering far from the original sample.

In regards to the album a couple of stand out tracks for me is the bouncy bass of Thug Irony, the soul vocal house of Be in Yo Self and the Afro-jazz of Cypher Delight, but Life Spice is probably an easy jump in point on the album, which is an easier listen than it first sounds. The production is as crisp but minimal and there is a constant sound throughout the album – that of Soulful Dance music.

I also thought it a good time to post his interview with Giles Petersen from last summer, as it’s an interesting listen especially in light of the album.

Hanni El Khatib – Moonlight

When I got into my car this morning at about 5.10, I didn’t expect to hear Satellite by The Hooters, an 80s track that I had on 7″ as a kid – a bit cheesy and nostalgic but great, but that’s not my pick. I heard some other great tracks too in particular the classic Royksopp track Eple, but that’s not my pick either. Instead, I have plumped for a track that’s been getting quite a bit of play lately:

Moonlight by Hanni El Khatib.

I have a few bits by him and I’m a big fan of this track. It’s got a great 60s sound track feel and really rolls along with that tremendous beat. Really great stuff

Grace Jones – Don’t cry it’s only the Rhythm

I'm not going to lie it's been hard to concentrate on music this week as readers will know I live in Paris, and as pretty much the whole world has followed the terrible events here this week I won't elaborate on them any further.

I very nearly didn’t post anything today, but as such I decided i’m going to select an amazing track that always always cheers me up when everything is falling apart around me, in the vain hope it will do the same for someone else.

Grace Jones – Don't cry it's only the Rhythm

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Roisto – Apart in Love

I had a day off today so i'm going to take a freebie and choose something that both Fourbearsjr

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Rae Sremmurd – No Type (J Pennyworth remix)
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Just a quick one tonight. I didn’t really get a chance to listen to too much music on the way

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Andy Butler – You Can Shine (feat Richard Kennedy)
Andy Butler – You Can Shine (feat Richard Kennedy)

Just a quick one tonight but I really wanted to share this track as, in my opinion, it is flat out a

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