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Tanlines – Slipping Away

Sorry for the lack of posts. Aapies been away and it’s been a pretty hectic time. But at least there is a post now and I’m sharing a track from an upcoming album I’m really excited about.

Slipping Away by Tanlines.

Tanlines are a duo from Brooklyn who make some great electronic synth pop. In 2010 they released the excellent Settings EP,  a brilliant electronic, percussive pop set that really made a mark on me at the time. Then in 2012 they released the also great album Mixed Emotions. In may they will release their next album Highlights.

Today’s track, Slipping Away, is the first single from that album and is another great piece of indie, electronic pop. It’s possibly got more of an early New Order slant than their previous stuff. I think it’s ace and can’t wait for the whole album.

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Marbeya Sound – Non reciprocal

Whew! it’s been a busy weekend, with lots going on and little time to listen to music, but this morning i was up before everyone else and i decided to quickly load up my Nexus with a nice chilled selection to listen to. Chilled, such an odd word in the context of music, conjures such horrible images of tie dyed clothes and sandals, but much like Balearic it’s more about how it makes you feel rather than a genre and today’s choice falls into both Chilled and Balearic:

Marbeya Sound – Non reciprocal

As readers know i’m a fan of the slow mo nu-disco sound, anything with a big fat ostinato bass line and a Spanish sounding guitar awash in reverb tends to do it for me and Non Reciprocal ticks all those boxes. It’s a track that delivers an image of sun kissed pool side parties and washed out sunsets on a sandy Mediterranean Island, form the moment the arppegiated guitar chord starts the track is straight into where it goes, gradually building with the introduction of the drums and main guitar licks, the lead synth counters everything perfectly with a melody and then around the 3:15 mark it all breaks down before heading off into a slightly darker morose melodic turn.

I have a thing for tracks that just plod happily along sucking you into their warm embrace. I guess some people think it’s boring but i just like that a tracks groove can wrap you up and never let go until it’s all too late, and Non Reciprocal is certainly one of those tracks – simple, mesmeric disco house.

Funnily I don’t know much about Marbeya Sound, I only knew one other track ( Origin of the Eagle) before going having a look off the back of this post. Originating from Mexico City they have had  a few things out on labels such as Fourplanes, and Cosmic Balearic Beats. The track is quite old, around 2010 if i recall right, but it’s never far from my playlists,  got that great slow mo vibe about it, also i's worth tracking down the Ilya Santana and the Rayko remixes of Non Reciprocal (below) which don't deviate far from the original, but just enough to make it worth having them all.

The Alkaholiks – Only When I’m Drunk

So I’m going to keep classics week going and I’m going to stay on the hip hop side but a bit newer than Aapies storming track yesterday.

The Alkaholiks,  Only When I’m Drunk.

Based on a sample from the classic hip hop/funk track Seven Minutes of Funk,  this used to be a constant in my dj sets. That break coupled with some superb MC’ing takes this track to another level.  Some of the lines are pretty near the mark but there are some brilliant ones too and after a couple of pretty funny verses they finish off with a quite poignant one.  Hip Hop as it should be.

Shannon – Let The Music Play

I've been working my way through a lot of my old music over the last week or so and today i decided it was going to be a trip back to the 80's and I loaded upa  ton of old soul to my Nexus before i left to catch my train. Rufus & Chaka Khan, Gwen Guthrie, The Time, Prince and a bunch of other stuff that i love byt don't always get enough time to listen to and in among all of that was today’s absolute chestnut:

Shannon – Let The Music Play

I have no idea how we've managed to make it nearly three years and not featured this, but i know that for both Fourbearsjr and myself it's an out and out classic that we grew up trying to breakdance to.

The track really should need no introduction, it spawned it's own Genre (Freestyle) and was a track that on a technical level was way ahead of a lot of other dance music of the time. Yeah sure Electro et al was utilising drum machines but as far as i'm aware it was the first track to really use an 808, 303 and the Prophet 5. The unmistakable bassline, the FM piano/bells sound and the synth lead and effects all came from these three instruments that went on to shape the course of dance music over the next 7-8 years.

And here's a fun fact i only found out today, the chorus was apparently sung by the guitarist Jimmi Tunnel. Maybe, maybe not but it's a nice little aside and i reckon that you'll be listening to the chorus a lot closer now than 5 minutes ago.

It's a great song, it's been sampled to death and been interpreted in so many other tracks it's just unbelievable, it certainly had a huge influence on me, and Fourbearsjr, and even though it's been played to death those heavy drums, the bubbling bassline and the chimed melody never fail to get a reaction from me.

Big Star – September Gurls

I haven’t posted anything for a while as I was away all last week and things are still pretty hectic so I’m going to post a quick one tonight. But in my opinion it’s one of the greatest tracks ever and it came on this morning as I drove to work.

I got into Big Star years ago when I was about 16 and heard they were a big influence on Teenage Fanclub, another favourite band of mine. I still remember coming across this classic track and sitting their open jawed as I listened to it thinking it was one of the most amazing things I had ever heard.

It’s a brilliant pop song but the thing that just takes to a different level is the vocals, harmonies, drumming and the guitar. Oh, that guitar. It is possibly my favourite guitar sound of all time and combined with that riff it just kills me every time. When that solo comes in after the break down and then the riff at about 2.18 it has me close to tears. 24 years on it still had the same effect. 2 minutes 46 of pure gold. Amazing.

Lenient Tales – Our First Year

It's been a crazy few weeks, and despite our best attempts posts have been sporadic, that means things haven't always been posted when they should and, well you know the drill…. so i'm using today to catch up on an LP i should have featured two weeks ago when it first came out and that is, the Lenient Tales – Our First Year Compilation,

Lenient Tales have been releasing some amazing house based music for a while now, artists like Jonas Woehl, Egokind and Trashlagoon have been toeing the line between glitched out deep and tropical house for a few months now and this compilation captures that all very nicely with an 11 track retrospective, plus a wonderful wrap up mix by Jona Mayr that is worth the admission price itself.

Stand out track for me is the Parra for Curve remix of Trashlagoon’s – Session 87 (featured in full below), beautiful and emotive it's the right side of down tempo for me and flows wonderfully with it's chopped and weaved guitar and pads, but there is more up tempo and darker fare on offer with tracks like Egokind & Ozean's – Eyez.

All in all a great album and available on Beatport right now, it's a must grab really…

Tiefschwarz – You

A quick one tonight and following on from my stone roses post earlier this week, I’m going to put up what is, in my opinion, another summer classic.

Most will know Tiefschwarz so I won’t go down that road. This is an early track from them that i was introduced to by my pal Fred Patch and its a really gorgeous piece of soulful, vocal house. It still sounds great today.

The Revenge – Love that will not Die

Quick one today as it was tough going back to work after a lovely nice long weekend that was heavily sound tracked by:

The Revenge – Love that will not Die

Everyone knows we're big "The Revenge/6th Borough Project/Clark&Smith" fans around these parts and I've been waiting weeks for this album to come out and it didn’t disappoint.

The album is pure un-adulterated Deep House Music; big bouncy square basses and lashings of Melodies and big disco strings (and crazy spoken word samples) all coupled with bumping drums that are perfectly at home on the sweat dripping walls of a club or the driving rattle of the daily commute.

Stand out tracks for me are The Seed, the 80's synth laden of Crush and the pounding box jams of Dance for you and Tender is the night. Some of the interlude tracks like "Love that will not Die (reprise)"are great and you get an absolutely stomping bonus track in Get Physical to round it all off. 

It's available on the ‚ÄčRoar Groove website, which is one of my favourite labels lately, with this the Craig Smith LP, and the previous releases from them like their summer mix tape. Physical copies sold out but digital are available. 

The Stone Roses – Mersey Paradise

Hope you all had a nice Easter? I had another day off today so I’m taking a freebie and it’s a classic.

As I headed out with the clan today I couldn’t believe how beautiful the weather was. 18 degrees, it felt like summer was here and it made me think of one of my favourite summer tunes from one of my favourite summers.

Mersey Paradise by The Stone Roses.

It’s a fantastic b-side that reminds me of the summer I saw them at spike island. I think I was 16 and really into their stuff and madchester etc. When I hear it, it takes me right back. Yes they get played to death, but this is one that maybe gets a little bit less coverage. Plus, they get played to death for a reason. Their early stuff was just amazing.

Say Lou Lou – Instant Crush

Bank holiday, so no work, which is nice, except i spent the entire day doing "D.I.Y". I've been uploading a lot of my collection to Google Play and to ease myself through the pain of assembling flat packed Furniture and the likes I hit shuffle and let it run.

Which is always nice as you stumble upon things you haven't listened to in months and sometimes years….and in among all of it i got Say Lou Lou's cover of Instant Crush stuck in my head and stuck on repeat.

Say Lou Lou –  Instant Crush

If you were alive in 2013 then you can't have failed to have heard the Daft Punk original, well, everywhere really….it's a nice track but the super annoying vocoder kind of kills it, but underneath all the gloss there is actually a really nice little song, and it really shines through in the Say Lou Lou version.

The track was done as a promo-track for the Scando-Aussie popstresses album (which in itself is pretty good) and was/is available as a download. It's quite a polished, yet epic, version but really it's all about the vocals and it's nice to hear someone pick a lesser known track than the obvious go to "Get Lucky"


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Tanlines – Slipping Away
Tanlines – Slipping Away

Sorry for the lack of posts. Aapies been away and it’s been a pretty hectic time. But at least

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The Alkaholiks – Only When I’m Drunk
The Alkaholiks – Only When I’m Drunk

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Tanlines – Slipping Away
Tanlines – Slipping Away

Sorry for the lack of posts. Aapies been away and it’s been a pretty hectic time. But at least

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