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Richard Seaborne – Times Are Hard

I've been quite ill this week and had to take some time off work, on the plus side lying in bed (inches from death) it allowed me to catch up on some music that i'd been meaning to playlist for a while, so today i'm taking a freebie and featuring one of those tracks:

Richard Seaborne – Times Are Hard 

Seaborne has been getting a lot of attention with his hands in the air take on acid tinged 80's chicago house, tracks like the Sharon Redd sampling "Date Night" and the utterly huge "Is this Acid?" for example and it's no surprise he's been picked up by labels like Midnight Riot and Paper Music.

“Times are hard” is again a superb little disco cut (though i have  Suspicion it's a Kate Bush sample) up with filtered and delayed synths bringing the melancholy melody and the throwback rave styling Rock Da house sample. 

The main track is a nice female vocal but it's actually the instrumental that does the whole trick for me. Either way it's great stuff, give it a listen.

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Jah Wobble presents PJ Higgins – Watch How You Walk (Sista Riddim Mash Up)

Just a quick one tonight as my commute was pretty much music free. But this is a track I have been listening to a lot so wanted to put up.

Most people are aware of Jah Wobble (I think) so no introduction needed there. Released on the always excellent Sonar Kollektiv label this is the b-side of a new 7″ but is actually a remix from 2007 by two of the key people at the label, Oliver Glage and Oliver Haertel. It still sounds great now, using a chunk of Vicki Anderson’s Message From A Soul Sister. Lovely stuff.

Floating Points – Nuits Sonores

Couple of days holiday, so no playlist as such to pick a track from, so i'm grabbing a freebie.

Floating Points – Nuits Sonores

We're big fans of Sam Shepherd around here. Both Fourbears and myself have featured tracks by him and i make no apologies for featuring him again.

I've quite a simple taste in music, especially when it comes Dance Music, for me it's all about locking into a groove be it 1/2 bar full bar or 4 bar, if it's funky I can listen to it for hours. I guess it's growing up listening to hip Hop and the original breaks, but I just love tracks that are locked in and looped. Obviously it’s nice that the track can progress, but the best house music in my opinion is the type that teaches you the main hook and builds on that.

I've said it a few times, but it’s trance inducing, and I don’t mean trance hands in the air wave a glow stick trance, i mean trancey in the same way really out their freeform jazz and funk can be.

On Nuits Sonores the track starts with a filtered down one bar loop that just drifts up and builds over the first third of the track, Stabbed and Filtered Rhodes Chords, Analog arp’s coupled with copious twiddling of the resonance knob. It kind of comes across like Ramsey Lewis meets LFO, and from there on in it's a jazz heavy work out with Shepherds virtuoso playing front and center, but there int he background is that god almighty groove.

The tracks been tearing it up for a while but only jst got released, it's a brilliant gem of Jazz soaked Deep House that if you're into Blaze and the likes you'll want to get. it’s also worth checking out the flip side of the EP as well, the utterly mesmerizing boogie funk of Nectarines

Depeche Mode – Everything Counts (live)

Just a quick one tonight, but possibly the best live version of a track in my humble opinion.

As I drove into my works car park, Everything Counts by Depeche Mode came on. I love the track and sat in my car till it finished. Decided there and then it was going up, but whenever I hear it I think of the live version they released from the 101 tour, circa 1988 (I think).

The track has such vivid memories for me, I was 15 and remember getting the train into London with my friends, from the suburbs, and picking up the live 101 12″ that they had just released and that carried the live version of this track.

I played it relentlessly at the time, but my love and appreciation for it hasn’t diminished over the years. As well as it being a great track, this live version is immense and what really makes it special is the crowd reaction. This was recorded at the Pasadena Rose bowl, a massive venue and when the crowd chant the chorus for the last two minutes it is just amazing.

Lusine – Arterial (Moors remix)

Worked from home today so no commute. But I did get to listen to some new stuff and came across some lovely bits such as today’s track..

Moors remix of Lusine’s – Arterial.

I have mentioned before that I’m a big fan of both the label Ghostly International and also Lusine’s work and have posted his tracks before. Today’s track is a remix of his track by LA producer Moors and it’s a blinder. A lovely slice of downbeat electronica. Melodic and moody you want to listen to it over and over again. Great stuff.



Rhythm on the Loose – Break of Dawn

Bit of a short one from me today as I had rather lost weekend (not in Amsterdam), so as i got up this morning i decided to go back in time and listen to some music from my youth. Early 90's house and proto jungle to be exact, Chemical Brothers, LTJ bukem and the likes, and then in amongst all of it was this absolute classic:

Rhythm on the Loose – Break of Dawn

It's one of those tracks that really crossed over, not in a chart sense, though it didn't do badly, but in the sense that regardless of if you were throwing shapes at a rave in deepest Essex or supping a few jars at the local wine bar it made an appearance and got the same reaction from city boys and hardcore ravers alike.

A big piano riff, over the top of the Lynn Collins “Think” break, coupled with the vocal from First Choice's – "Let no man put asunder" chopped and looped to make an E-induced anthem with the biggest of bouncing basses.

Yes, it's a chestnut, but it's a great one and I'm not going to say people were looking strangely at me but it was 1991 all over again on the dawn train to Paris… 

Eric B & Rakim – Eric B is President

Coincidence is a funny thing. The other day, after hearing I Know You Got Soul by Eric B & Rakim, I started thinking about their other tracks. I Know and Paid in Full are two of their tracks that get played the most, but it was always today’s track that I liked the most.

Eric B is President by Eric B & Rakim.

Driving home tonight, when Paid in Full came on, I think it gave me licence to stick this classic up. And it really is a classic, a seminal hip hop track in my opinion. Aapie has it on 12″ and as kids we listened to it relentlessly. I love the breaks, the samples, the cutting, but it is Rakim that really nails this track for me. He is regarded by many as the best rapper ever and on this his rhymes and flows are brilliant, particularly for the time.

I wonder what people who have never heard this track make of it when they hear it now. For me, it will always bring back great memories and be regarded as a classic.

DJ Falcon & Thomas Bangalter – Together

Sometime the only thing that can wake you up in the morning is some nosebleed inducing thumping house and having had a pretty late night yesterday i decided to shuffle through an old Daft Punk inspired playlist, hit this and thought "yeah, why not?"

DJ Falcon & Thomas Bangalter – Together

This is one of those tracks you would hear in every club you went to. It was around the summer of 2000 and it came out on the gargantuan Roulé (meaning Rolled) and i clearly remember buying it and then heading off to Rooty, the Basement Jaxx run club night, with it still in my Bag. About halfway through the night after Frank Tope had finished Basement Jaxx took to the decks and after a few of their own tracks they dropped this. The bar, the pool tables everything emptied, arms went in the air the place went mental and the fire system kicked in and cut all the PA systems power.

It is the most simple of tracks, sampling Slaves Because of You and adding a thumping bassline and heavy kick that's driving the side chain to infinity and beyond.

I reckon it must have got played about 5-6 times that night, so roughly how many times I played it this morning, it's still brilliant.

Steely Dan – Peg

I didn't listen to one piece of music today, until now. I worked from home, so no commute, but had a pretty manic day where i never got a chance to stick anything on. Don't like days like that. So going to go for a track i heard on my commute yesterday and a track i have been meaning to stick up for a while.

Peg by Steely Dan.

After the awesome Dj Shadow track Aapie stuck up yesterday this could end up being a week of classics. As i have had such little time to check new stuff out that may not be a bad idea. Anyway, back to the track. 

Its a stone bonker classic that was sampled for another classic. Steely Dan don't need any introduction and neither does De La Soul who sampled it brilliantly for their huge track Eye Know. This original is brilliant, bordering on jazz funk, it just rolls along brilliantly via Donald Fagan's keys, superb drumming and guitar riffs and yep, thats Michael McDonald on brilliant backing vocals. A really great track.

DJ Shadow – You Can’t Go Home Again

Quick one from me as it has been a long week and it's only Monday. Actually it has been a long weekend, and I just hit shuffle on the way into work. Nothing particularly thoughtful about the selection of music on my Nexus, just some stuff i loaded up on a whim and about 10 tracks on came todays choice:

DJ Shadow – You Can't Go Home Again

There are but two kinds of DJ Shadow fans in this world, those that like The Private Press and those that don't. I'm in the like it category, most other people hate it as it wasn't as obviously hip hop as Endtroducing. Yeah, it had some dodgy moments on it, much like RJD2's second album, but the couple of moments it did have were out of this world, and You Can't Go Home Again was one of those tracks that when i first heard it i was blown away.

It’s easy to be down on the album, I guess people expected more sample driven smoked out trip hop but people gow and move on and for me i found it was a natural progress form Endtroducing to The Private Press, and considering the sample sources for Endtroducing people can hardly have been surprised when Shadows second album turned out to be a diverse grown up trip into his musical listening.

It's pretty simple, just a very very dark rotating loop that gradually builds layer over layer, drums double timing the rhythm and slow filtered samples and strings the track just gradually builds until around 2:40 when it switches up and builds to synth Laden crescendo that just swallows you whole.

Luckily it also has a pretty crazy video, that builds on the layers motif and then some.

It's a long time since i heard it but it came on and got rewound a lot.


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Richard Seaborne
Richard Seaborne – Times Are Hard

I've been quite ill this week and had to take some time off work, on the plus side lying in bed

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