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Finger Tanzen vs Table – Neznat Regnif

Just a quick one tonight. On my journey to work I continued to play through stuff we have been sent and to be honest I knew this little beauty was waiting for me.

Neznat Regnif by Finger Tanzen vs Table.

This is the first time I have come across their work and I know little about these guys (although I believe they are Swiss – if only I had studied French more enthusiastically I would be able to read their site). Whatever, I am all over this deep minimal house beauty. I love the way it’s built off that bass and kick and then builds with the vocals snippets. They drop it in and out to keep the track moving along. Absolutely cracking stuff.

You can check out the rest of their stuff and their website by following the link through to SoundCloud.

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Centre – Center#1

A tough week last week left me pretty destroyed for the weekend, so it was nice to see a message from an old friend pushing a mix tape he'd found by some mysterious artist and thought i'd be interested in (I was):

Center – Center#1

Now, i'll caveat this post by saying I know absolutely sod all about Centre other than what I've heard here but if this mix tape selection is anything to go on there is likely lots more to come from him/her/them.

The tape is straight up bass heavy, starting out slow, and building quickly to some minimal sparse melodic D&B it moves at breakneck pace never allowing the listener to get bored and pushing them on a snare heavy 30 minute listen.

Stand out moments for me are Instant Reflex by Skeptical and Veksd by Protocol but each track is a banger. The really nice thing though is how the tape is mixed, everything clicks together with a producers ear for sounds that compliment each other (which is why i think there is more to come from Centre), and the tracks pull you along in that chilled not chilled way only D&B can evoke. All in all it's a great tape, and really brings home that there is a lot of music we just don't feature enough. 

Center#1 by Centre on Mixcloud

Black Vel – Bodytalk EP

It has been one hell of a week and I was utterly shattered when I left this morning for work. So i needed some quite up beat and catchy music, and i decided to just leave shuffle to do it's work.

It's mainly recent music on my Nexus right now, the Satori LP i blogged earlier in the week, The forthcoming Lenient Tales compilation, the Revenge's new LP (more to come on that) but I decided to go for today’s choice for two reasons, the first is that i think it's quite different to anything we normally blog – minimal and driving, and the second because it's been stuck in my head all bloody day:

Black Vel – Bodytalk

‚ÄčI don't know much about Black Vel, or Mangue Records for that matter but delving back through their catalogue i see they've worked with some names i'm really keen on lately, Jonas Woehl and Fabien Schumann for example, and seeing a Woehl remix on the EP i full expected that to be my preferred track.

It isn't though and the original Black Vel verison is the one that does it for me, The whole sound is pounding dancefloor mayhem but there is so much more depth to it than just a big drum and bass line… a minimal rhythm drives the track along with a pitch shifted vocal adding the counterpoint but the really nice thing about he track is how it gradually introduces the melodic element of it slowly and methodically over the course of the track, an 80's Electro bass line here, and a synth line there that really don't show you where it's going till they all come back in together. 

great stuff

Jupiter – Just Do It

So I continued playing through the pile of stuff we’ve been sent as I trundled to work and when today’s track came on it was all over..

Just Do It by Jupiter.

I posted up the brilliant Crayon mix of their track Juicy Lucy a while back and this is another beauty. Another perfect slice of electronic pop from the Paris duo that reminds me of people such as Annie (who’s stuff I love to). I could sit here and bang on about it but it’s best you just put it on and turn it up. Damn, it’s infectious, I promise you you’ll be throwing shapes to it all summer.

And while your at it you may want to check out their second album, bandana republic, that this track comes from.

The Yetis – Little Surfer Girl

I have got an absolute stormer for you my friends. This morning I looked out of my window and saw a beautiful blue sky. It could have been 20 degrees, but it wasn’t, it was 4. Ouch. But blue sky is the sign of things to come, the possibility of summer.

So I really needed a track to fit the boots. Like Aapie, I have been catching up on stuff I’ve been sent and I loaded my phone up with some tracks to check out or replay. After dropping my son off I got back in the car, turned the stereo on and this beauty came on:

Little Surfer Girl by the Yetis.

Now, as I have mentioned before, I am a sucker for a great two minute pop song and this fits the bill perfectly. Its got that classic indie sound and a hook/melody you will be singing for days. Hailing from Allentown, Pennsylvania, this was the Yetis first single and they pulled off something that is hard to do, which is produce something that is catchy, sounds effortless and new even though its got its roots in things that have come before. In that regard it reminds me of bands like The Drums and personal favourite Cayucas.

Plus it’s got handclaps… I love handclaps. Check the track out below or follow the link below it to download it for free… How good is that?

Kalima – Tuti feat. Satori

I had a day off today, and took it as an opportunity to catch up with a lot of music that i've been sat on. So something that jumped out at me as I mooched around with music in the back ground was the Satori EP on Under Your Skin Records.

Not going to lie, I was sent a promo of this and had been woefully lazy in getting around to really giving it a chance. It’s poor form, but we get sent a lot of music and sometimes things need a few listens and time to really get them and the Satori album is one of them.

Toeing the line between glitch laden Electronica and smoked out Deep House the album is a really complete listen.

One of the things i really like about the production is the fact so many genres have been made to sit together without jarring against each other and the balance between head turning tracks and the ones that have to slowly suck you in is perfect. Heavy hip hop style (The greatest against the world) and beautiful vocal deep house, "pink & orange sky" is about as soulful a house track as you'll hear in the current music environment and was very nearly my choice.

I guess the album just sounds (and i hate this word) organic, but it is. It's so natural and the guitar and keys cut through so well that it's hard not to imagine this performed by a live band (which i'd love to see).

Anyway, my choice of track to feature is the wonderful glitch funk of:

Kalima – Tuti feat. Satori

A disjointed vocal and piano sit perfectly over a pounding drum track that whilst heavy never overrides the mix. Amazing, and enjoy.

Christian Prommer – Marimba (Jon Charnis Remix)

It was a somewhat bleary eyed blogger who set off for work this morning. An early morning (like 4.30am early) wake up call courtesy of my son (I blame the eclipse) wiped me out. I needed something energetic but still chilled to help me through my daily odyssey.

Christian Prommer – Marimba (Jon Charnis Remix)

If you don't know Prommer is behind many top quality music aliases and groups, Rainer Trüby Trio and Fauna Flash being the most notable ones. He's been producing for a long time, Nu Jazz, Deep House, Tech house, Latin. You name it he's made it… so i guess it's kind of funny that i'm actually going for the John Charnis remix of his Marimba track.

Charnis is a long time LA producer and DJ, he's been making a real name since Dixon's Innervisions label signed him up and he's been steadily delivering some of the most sought after remixes around for artists like Art Department and labels like Leftroom Records and Compost Records.

I really like how this remix is put together, it being one of the most melodic house tracks i've heard in a while, a pounding kick drum bass line is overdubbed with stabs and rhodes keys awash in reverb but it's the heavy set delayed bells counter melody that really drives the track along till the arps start, but really i's all about the rhythms.

It's just a really lush sounding track that would be as equally at home in the sunny poolside as the dark loungey basement room of a club.

Mori Ra – Edit 47


A quick one tonight. I am off to see Morrissey tomorrow night and so was listening to his stuff on the way to work. I’m not going to post something from him, I’m going to post a track I’ve been meaning to for a while.

Edit 47 by More Ra..

I posted a lovely edit by Japanese edit maestro Mori Ra before and this is another beauty. A lovely 80s synth edit with jazz flourishes that drives along and gets your head nodding. Great stuff and follow through to SoundCloud to check out more of his excellent work.

The Cipher Show – Prince Paul

I don't listen to many podcasts on my way into work, but today was an exception and I listened to the superb The Cipher Podcast. The Cipher Show is a superb bit of Hip Hop documentation, but today’s was of particular interest as they caught up with Prince Paul to talk a retrospective of his career.

It might seem strange to have a spoken word choice for our selection but if like me you grew up listening to groups like De La Soul, Stetsasonic and 3rd Bass then the name Prince Paul will mean everything to you. If not, that's ok keep reading because he's the man behind some of your favourite ever Hip Hop tracks.

Starting out as the DJ for Stetsasonic he went on to produce the amazing "3ft High and Rising" for De La Soul and then the unbelivable GraveDiggaz album Niggamortis.

‚ÄčThere is not much more to say than other than check it out by either downloading it at: here or listening below:

Teleman – Strange Combinations


As I sat down to do this post tonight, I couldn’t actually remember the last time I blogged on the site – it’s been that mad over the last few weeks. So something had to go up tonight and I thought I would go with this cheeky new track.

Strange Combinations by Teleman..

Their work (well most of them anyway) as Pete and The Pirates passed me by but I do quite like the stuff released as Telemann, particularly the awesome Skeleton Dance from the last album – a track that my son absolute loves.

This is the first track from their new album and it’s been getting heavily played by the likes of 6 music. It’s more electronic than their previous stuff, moving a bit into Hot Chip territory, but it’s all the better for it. It really is a lovely slice of indie, electronic pop and that groove and cowbell is far too catchy. Like Skelton dance I will be singing it for days. Top draw

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Finger Tanzen vs Table – Neznat Regnif
Finger Tanzen vs Table – Neznat Regnif

Just a quick one tonight. On my journey to work I continued to play through stuff we have been sent

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The Cipher Show – Prince Paul
The Cipher Show – Prince Paul

I don't listen to many podcasts on my way into work, but today was an exception and I listened t

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Finger Tanzen vs Table – Neznat Regnif
Finger Tanzen vs Table – Neznat Regnif

Just a quick one tonight. On my journey to work I continued to play through stuff we have been sent

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Mori Ra – Edit 47
Mori Ra – Edit 47

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