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Billie Holiday – Love for Sale (Jean du Voyage Remix)

Going to stick with the remix/re-edit tip here and go with this wonderful re-rub of Billie Holiday – Love for Sale

Billie Holiday – Love for Sale (Jean du Voyage Remix)

Deep House and jazz have long been lustful bed partners, especially when it comes to female singers like Nina Simone and Holiday. Songstress – See Line Woman being the perfect case in point. So, it's no surprise to see Love for Sale get a re-work.

The crux of it though is it's an absolutely brilliant remix, by super duper French beatmaker and turntablist Jean du Voyage. Voyage has been dabbling in Electronica for a few years jumping across it's many genres – in many ways his work reminds me of early Om Unit and some of the Harmonic 33 stuff on Alphabet Zoo. He's taken the opening piano riff, and the open vocal bar and just chopped it up, with the odd vinyl scratches here and their (those little vocals cuts are so tight they almost sound like samples) ll locked together over a skipping light 4/4 house beat. It works so well that you just have to wonder why it hasn't been picked up and given an official release.

Not to worry though it's on his Bandcamp site for free download, and you should because it's lovely.

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Lovebirds Edits – Free (Lovebirds Beautiful Rework)

Up early again today, so kept it simple on the train and opted to go for an 80's tinged housey playlist, the pick of which was this lovely rework of Donald Fagen's "I.G.Y. (Beautiful World)".

Lovebirds Edits – Free (Lovebirds Beautiful Rework)

Pretty much everyone with even a passing semblance for good taste knows the original so i won't waste any time talking about it, but instead focus on the Loverbirds re-edit on Brooklyn's Razor-N-Tape records.

Taking Fagen's sublime classic, Sebastian Doring weaves it into a midtempo early evening drifting house track, with small loops form the track and the vocal echoed and filtered up it just plods (in a good way). The bulk of the track is built around the opening Rhodes of I.G.Y and the opening bars of the main groove. The thing is though Doring has taken the track layered a simple analog synth melody, some pads and a lush drum track that never detracts from the feel of the original – and that's the important thing.

So, grab it if you can, it's only out on vinyl at the moment but RnT edits do tend to get things out via Bandcamp and Beatport etc… later on (demand dependent i guess).

Think this week might a week or remixes and re-edits, yesterday the Beatles today the legendary Monsieur Fagen, enjoy: 

The Beatles – Come Together (Rhythm Scholar Remix)

Family has been away for a few days so I’ve been left to my own devices and playing a lot of music around the house, practicing my own spinning and production and so on… the down side of that is I’ve been staying up way too late whilst I ponce around and it was a very tired and bleary eyed Aapie that headed off to work.

However one of the upsides of having sometime to myself is that I've been able to sort through and load my phone up with lots of new stuff, and my commutes have been about catching up on that stuff. Today i just let shuffle do it's thing and it got to a track i'd finally got around to checking over the weekend:

The Beatles – Come Together (Rhythm Scholar Remix)

Remixing classics is a risky business, it can go one of two ways – be amazing, or suck the big fat one. Thankfully this is in the first category.

Rhythm Scholar has taken one of the great Beatles songs and given it some heavy drums, based around the Funky Drummer break and a few other well known drums like the Led Zepplin "When the Levee breaks" drums. it never stays still for too long, and the drums and breaks swap constantly without ever losing the flow fo the track… lots of effects, and an accapella coupled with some nice jazzy keys and a host of other samples you'll be going "ah, what's THAT" as you recognise them. 

We get sent a lot of stuff, some of it good, some of it not so much, but occasionally we get something that just stops us in our track, and todays choice was one of those occasions.

All in all a great little mix, and available for free download – not sure for how long all things considered so grab it now.

Fickle Friends – For You (Cesare Remix)

Gonna jump straight in here with today’s choice:

Fickle Friends – For You (Cesare Remix)

We both have a bit of a thing for that 90’s french pop music sound. That vocal dancey floating pop sound that artists like Phoenix and Labels like Kitsune made so popular,there is just something, well…. nice, about the sound and the original of today’s choice by Brightons Fickle Friends is exactly that.

Needless to say it was a huge track on Hype Machine, as was their quite magnificent "Swim" which you'll find on their Soundcloud page and is about as perfect a hybrid pop song as you'll find anywhere.

The thing is though the style of vocal and structure of the songs nearly always lend themselves to a top notch disco house remix, and I often found that when they get the remix i end up connecting with that a lot more. Which is the case here with Cesares remix of For you – taking the track and turning it into a floating poolside/lounge anthem.

It's also worth checking out his superb downtempo remix of Suvi: which is so good i nearly ended up featuring it instead:

Chilly Gonzales – Knight Moves (Original version)

I had no internet last week, thanks to Fourbears for covering the blog, and today i'm off sick so i'm absolutely taking a freebie:

Chilly Gonzales – Knight Moves (Original version)

I'm a big fan of Chilly Gonzales, there is a whole post about how great he is here. So i'm just gonna focus on how awesome this piece of music is. The piano, the dance beat, the counterpoint strings and the crescendo it all builds up to.

It's a great bit of music, produced by Boyz Noize if i recall correctly, and it's a great listen from a brilliant album I've been revisiting a lot lately. Interestingly there is a DVd out of Gonzales performing the album which i highly recommend you pick up, there is a simply amazing live version of Knight Moves in the soundcloud set below.


Paws ft Michelle Zauner – Deceptacon

Just a quick one tonight, to try and end a pretty rubbish week on a high and with a bit of energy. So have gone with a bit of in your face indie rock.

This track has been on my playlist for a while, the Scottish band Paws absolutely destroying the excellent Le Tigre track Deceptacon. The original is a bit raw and dirty, but they take it to a new level. The perfect track to go out, have a few drinks and throw out a few kicks too. Immense, just turn it up.


Whale – Crying At Airports (Shawn J Period Remix Feat. Mos Def)

It’s been a pretty hectic couple of days, hence no posts and it will be a quick one tonight. During recent journeys I have been listening to the new Nostalgia 77 meets Prince Fatty album, particularly his remix of Medicine Chest which is a blinder. For some reason that track has taken me back to this lesser known track…

Shawn J Periods remix of Crying At Airports, featuring Mos Def.

Most people remember Whale for their track Slobo Humpin, but for me it’s this track. I wasn’t really into them, but was working in HMV when this came out and was instantly drawn to the Shawn J Period mix. He was everywhere at the time as was Mos Def, due to amazing stuff like Universal Magnetic.

The original is OK, but this remix is amazing, with that classic SJP lolloping beats, bass and glitches. Then 2/3 of the way through Mos Def comes in and the thing really takes off. As mentioned It’s not a very well known track and this was the only instance of the remix that I could find on YouTube (plus it’s actually listed under Mos Def). I used to play it out a lot and always used to get asked what it was. Very nice indeed and it still sounds pretty fresh even now.

DJ Kovas – The Walk To Work guest Mix

Gonna take a detour from the normal "selection from the journey in" today as over the weekend I was sent this awesome D&B mix by an old friend, and man behind the brilliant 64bar Music DJ Kovas.

‚ÄčKovas is an old friend from our days slinging mud on the Ninjatune Forum. We'd collaborated on a few projects and stayed in touch after the fact. He's done a few mixes for me in the past, like his brilliant "7 Steps to better Listening" guest mixes on my Interesting Blends blog.

Anyway, the mix landed with a subtle "here you go mate", and on listening i had to have it for the blog.

Kovas has always been a DJ steeped in D&B, and I like that he's dropped a slightly deeper off the radar selection here. There's so much good stuff out there at the moment that he has plenty to choose form and Kovas drops a wickedly varied journey into low slung, half time, minimal sounds backed up with haunting, cathartic ambience and lashings of jazz soaked melody (or some such guff as he said when i asked him to describe the mix).

Whatever, it's a stomping mix, full of uplifting melodies, tearing beats, soul and some of the deepest synth sound I've heard in a while – stand out tracks for me are “Those That lead” by Direct Motion, blog favourite Om Unit & Sam Binga’s outing on Exit records “Small Victories” and "Hills to Climb" by Kyshido, and the cheeky little Spectrasoul's rework of Sampha's – "Too Much".

If like me you're not massively into anyone genre but enjoy the more melodic side of D&B & Deep House this mix is perfect for you.

So check it out…..and a massive thanks to Kovas for getting our podcasts rolling again.

Walk to Work mix – October 2014 by 64barmusic on Mixcloud

The Mohawks – Beat Me Till I’m Blue

It’s my birthday today and I had a day off so no commute. This means I get a freebie and get to pick a track I have been meaning to stick up for a while, one of the funkiest tracks ever..

Beat Me Till I’m Blue by The Mohawks.

Now, most people know The Mohawks for their mighty track – The Champ. But ever since I heard this, I’ve preferred it. Every inch of it is funky: the beat, the organ, the way the horns hammer the 1 of the beat and then when that guitar comes screaming in I’m throwing out kicks everywhere. This track never left my record box when I was playing out as it sent every place I was ever in mad. Flawless.

Henry Pope – HEAT WAVES

As you may know i'm always a bit wary of posting DJ mixes on here. But, occasionally, there are some that are so darn good I just have to feature them, and today’s is one of those:

Henry Pope – HEΛT WΛVES

Inspired by the Californian heatwave the thing I really like about this mix is the amount of genres it takes in without ever losing focus. From the IDM/Dub Step/Hip Hop hybrids so prominent in the American dance music scene at the moment Henry takes the music into slo-mo house, ragga, latin house and 2 step D&B territory without it ever sounding jarring. Additionally the mix jumps genre at such a rate if you don’t like one style another one is along a few moments later. 

It's mixed really really well, with tracks key matched and melody and vocals sitting perfectly, along with the odd curve ball as well (Mark Morrison anyone). The mix certainly proves you don't have to go hard from the start, nor finish at the same BPM you begin, with the set starting out perfect for lounging in a bar or around the pool but building into a dark basement room dancefloor frenzy towards the end.

Anyway I first encountered Henry Popes stuff when he sent my other blog Interesting Blends some material, a couple of mixes and some original tracks and I featured them. Thankfully he's continued to grab peoples attention and I highly recommend you check his soundcloud page out, there are some real gems there.  

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Billie Holiday – Love for Sale (Jean du Voyage Remix)

Going to stick with the remix/re-edit tip here and go with this wonderful re-rub of Billie Holiday &

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Billie Holiday – Love for Sale (Jean du Voyage Remix)

Going to stick with the remix/re-edit tip here and go with this wonderful re-rub of Billie Holiday &

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Gonna jump straight in here with today’s choice: Fickle Friends – For You (Cesare Remix)

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Lovebirds Edits – Free (Lovebirds Beautiful Rework)
Lovebirds Edits – Free (Lovebirds Beautiful Rework)

Up early again today, so kept it simple on the train and opted to go for an 80's tinged hou

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DJ Kovas –  The Walk To Work guest Mix
DJ Kovas – The Walk To Work guest Mix

Gonna take a detour from the normal "selection from the journey in" today as over the week

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