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Marvin Gaye – Inner City Blues (Make Me Wanna Holler)

Had a day off today, so taking a freebie. As is normal when i'm left to my own devices i tend to spend the day mooching doing nothing and listening to some of my favourite music and i always, without fail listen to some Marvin Gaye – and this is one of my favourite songs ever.

Marvin Gaye – Inner City Blues (Make Me Wanna Holler)

It's pretty pointless trying to get into explaining things you may or may not know about Marvin Gaye, or Inner City Blues, or even the “What's going on Album?”. What I'll say is it's probably the best album I've ever heard, the way everything is locked together by James Jamerson's bass playing and Marvin Gayes multi layered vocals.  

It was clearly a difficult album to make, not just because of the content but the technological advances Gaye used heavily int he production process – it's widely acknowledged that this was the first album with punch in vocal tracking and the heavy use of tape editing during and post production.

Anyway the results were, and remain stunning, and i make no apologies for featuring such a well known classic.


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KRS One – Rappaz R.N. Dainja

After my commute this morning I had a good idea of what I might post to the blog tonight. Then, after a long day at work, feeling pretty knackered, I got into my car, called home to let them know I was on my way, then switched to the radio and today’s track came crashing in.

KRS One really doesn’t need any introduction and Aapie previously posted up the awesome remix of Step Into A World. This is another of his tracks that we both love. I love the simple groove the nice cutting but what tops it off is his rapping which is just amazingly good. Top draw.

Ceiling Demons – Every Step (Fold – Follow The Lights remix)

Today’s post is a great remix of a great track, from a great band, for a great cause. Aapie introduced me to the Ceiling Demons and has posted a number of their tracks, today it’s my turn.

It’s a remix by Fold of their track ‘Every Step Is Moving Me Up’. The original is fantastic and samples another great track: This is how we walk on the moon by Arthur Russell – Aapie has posted this track up before. This remix changes it up nicely – underpinned by a frankly stonking, driving beat, not to dissimilar to say Bear Witness, it’s stripped back but beautifully atmospheric.

The other great thing is that this remix appears on a digital release of Every Step… to support a great cause. It is supported by the charity CALM (Campaign Against Living Miserably) [reg. charity no. 1110621], who are dedicated to preventing male suicides which is the biggest killer of men under 50 in the UK, with the aim of raising both awareness and funds for the charity. The tracks aim is to provide a positive and uplifting message which aims to help people who are suffering from mental health issues such as depression.

To help raise awareness for CALM, the Demons are putting together a bundle for auction that includes a signed copy of Dual Sides, limited edition Amputated Spirit CD, Ceiling Demons T-shirt, stickers, badges, setlists, original paintings & ‘Every Step Follow the Light’ artwork by Tim Coomber. The auction will start on the 25th November and end 5th December. The single will be available on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Deezer as well as a ‘name your price” via bandcamp, with all proceeds going to CALM.

Coming from a family that has had members battle with mental illness and depression, is great to see such a charity and see it get support. So please do support if you can.. And get some great music at the same time.


Stardust – Music Sounds Better With You – Juan Laya & Jorge Montiel (Re-Work)

Very quick post today as it's beena  very busy few days. Early starts mean i haven't really been able to listen to music on my journey in but home is slightly different and I downloaded today's choice just as i was leaving the office and didn't stop listening until i got home:

Stardust – Music Sounds Better With You (Juan Laya & Jorge Montiel Re-Work)

Now i'm not going to lie, Music Sounds Better with you was a huge track for me, and for Fourbearsjr, I remember the first time we listened to it. He'd popped over with it for me to hear, we sat down and he put it on and i was completely and utterly blown away.

But the up shot of it being so huge is that the entire world got sick of it, even now i don't need to hear it, the memory of how great it was tides me over, but this re-work by Juan Laya & Jorge Montiel is utterly superb. Stripped it back using the only vocal they've built it into a slow-mo disco stomper. Little flecks of the Chaka khan sample are still there, but it's all about the re-instrumentation and the superb grooving drums.

It doesn't thump anywhere near as much as the original but it really does lock you in and mesmerise you.

plus it's free to download.

The Clash – Rudie Can’t Fail

Apart from the opening bars of champ by the mohawks (and I featured them a little while ago) my commute to work was music free due to work stuff. So I decided that I would pick something from my commute home. When this came on, it was all over.

The Clash need no introduction and neither does this track really. I’m pretty sure aapie has popped a clash track up before as well.

I love this track, from its brilliant use in the brilliant film Grosse Point Blank (which Strummer soundtracked and what a soundtrack it is) to the fact that it is one of the best songs to have a few beers to and sing at the top of your voice. I particularly love the lyrics and the call and response between Strummer and Jones. Cheered me right up when it came on and I was smashing the crap out of the steering wheel in no time.

Beyond There – The Positive Step

Aaaaahhh! well now, this is an outstanding choice, even if do say so myself, and I know for a fact Fourbearsjr is up rocking around his kitchen as i type:

Beyond There – The Positive Step

If you haven't heard of Dave Pauls Bomb Hip Hop record label then for shame. "Their the Return of the DJ" series was quite possibly responsible for single handedly resurrecting the hip hop dj, 7 albums deep it was a must have for anyone into hip hop not just turntablism, 7 albums balancing balls out scratch attacks with classic DJ tracks like The Positive Step, it was an essential collection to have and for me the second album was the best one…

Beyond There's Positive step was one the tracks that first drew to the series, it's essentially a cut and paste history of hip hop put together by Huw and DJ Kam from Londons seminal Mr Bongo records.It's a smooth jazz groove based track overlayed with KRS One the The South Bronx laying down a history of hip hop in sonic form…. ah you know what it's too hard to break this track down into words, it's just brilliant.

Even better news is that the entire collection has been made available by Bomb to down load for free from here: DOWNLOAD

Bly De Blyant – Laura

Really, really quick one tonight, as, you know, I’ve got stuff to do. Anyway, worked from home today so no commute, but decided I would put up something I listened to while working.

After dropping my son off at school, I settled into my usual routine of working and playing through the huge back log of stuff I haven’t had a chance to check out, which brought me to today’s track..

Laura by Boy De Blyant.

An international trio led by Øyvind Skarbø from Denmark, they are described as genre smashing. Many people claim to be this but these guys are. Jazz oriented, they take on everything. I missed their first album but am getting into their second Hindsight Bias and today’s track jumped out straight away. It’s pretty much a slice of slo-mo disco house. Centred around a gorgeous bass and guitar groove. It rises and falls but locks you in and underneath you can hear some strange almost banjo like strumming which is a touch disorientating. What a track.



Kate Bush – Cloudbusting

Bizarre choice today, and a freebie, in that as i was leaving work I had a conversation with a friend who was off to see the Klaxons. the conversation started there ended on 808 state and the Chemical Brothers, which got me skipping through various things on youtube on my way home.

808 State lead to A man called Adam, which lead to Electribe 101, which lead to Utah Saints which lead to me remembering I had "The hounds of love" on my Nexus and I ended up listening to that the whole way home and thus selecting todays choice:

Kate Bush – Cloudbusting

I realise it's not really the type of track we'd normally feature but the blog has always been about the music we listen to on our commute and I defy anyone who's serious about music to challenge this track as anything other than one of the all time greats – the vocals the strings, the rhythm, the tribal chanting… just everything about it is stunning.

Then there are the lyrics.

It's hard to talk about this song without the incredible background story of Willem Reich but we just don't have enough time or space to cover it all, in crux it's the story of Reich and his sons experiments Cloudbusting interspersed with Reichs arrest by the FBI and Peters feeling of abandonment.

"On top of the world, looking over the edge, you could see them coming. You looked too small in their big black car, to be a threat to the men in power"

Amazing and it is a song that is a complete master piece in melancholy, both up lifiting and very sad in very equal amounts, if you can read the lyrics and I promise it will forever be a difficult song to listen to without feeling very emotional. 

That's about it, the rest you should know, so enjoy, or cry – or do both. :)

Jean Jacques Perrey – E.V.A.

So, back from holiday, it’s been manic, I missed my post on Tuesday and it will be a quick one but a belter tonight.

Now, I had a track to blog from my journey, however, I have recently set my record deck up and been playing through some old vinyl when I can across this classic just now and it just had to go up (naughty I know)

E.V.A. by Jean Jacques Perrey.

Used to brilliant effect by Gang Star on the track just to get a rep (which I have also included below) and to less effect by dodgy big beat versions, this is an immense slice of funk, every single last bit of it. From the beat, to the bass, to the screaming guitar and mad moog/electronic sounds. A classic that is well worth going back to.

Max Cooper – Supine (Rodriguez Jr. Remix – Clip)

Going to go back a bit with a lush slice of deep soulful electronica:

Max Cooper – Supine (Rodriguez Jr. Remix – Clip)

London based Cooper has been releasing music for a while, covering the deep electronic and techy end of the music spectrum he's well known and really we don't need to focus on him, as today is all about the remix by Rodriguez Jr.

Rodriguez Jr. is an alias for super duper French producer (hey, that rhymes) Oliver Mateu, one part of the super production team The Youngsters. He's pretty well known for delivering a vastly eclectic range of productions and remixes and on this occasion he takes Max Coopers dark and brooding techy original and turns it into a slowly pounding lush shuffling deep house monster.

The Soft Rhodes chords, the light skippy drums, the glitchy and filtered vocal hook and electric keys counter melody all combine to take you on a laid back reverb and delay drenched journey to the sun filled skies of the South of France.

It came out a while ago on the fantastic Fields records and it's well worth tracking down, the EP also contains a fantastic remix of Woven Ancestry by Lusine.

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Stardust – Music Sounds Better With You – Juan Laya & Jorge Montiel (Re-Work)

Very quick post today as it's beena  very busy few days. Early starts mean i haven't re

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Marvin Gaye – Inner City Blues (Make Me Wanna Holler)

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