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Bodymoves – North Spaulding EP

One of the most consistent and interesting labels over the last few years has been the wonderful London based collective of Keep Up!, and Monday saw the release of their 17th EP (has it really been that many?) and after sojourns into bass and house it's an EP that returns to the labels beat scene roots with

Bodymoves – North Spaulding EP

Understandably the EP has earned comparisons to the LA beat scene especially artists like Madlib and JDilla, but I honestly feel that under sells the EP somewhat.

That's not to say there isn't, and with it's heavily swung drums it's certainly deeply rooted in that scene for influence, but…… there is a hell of a lot of London in there, the afro beat of Gabors house is as much a head check to the synth lead London bass scene as it is any LA based producer. While the more straight ahead Soulful Hip Hop of Mellow Cotton and What Cha Gonna do? owes as much to Thes Ones Lifestyle Marketing LP than any Fly Lo beat.

Ultimately though comparisons aside it's just a lovely piece of stand alone hip hop/beat led music that will have your head rocking front to back on every clang of those uber compressed drums, and I've got to say it's also just really nice to hear a strong sample based beat dug slice of hip hop (check those vinyl noises) in this day and age of massive presets and comb filtered super saws.

Stand out tracks? Certainly the Soulful sampldelica of Mellow Cotton and What Cha Gonna Do? but amazingly in a four track EP they've pretty much nailed something for everyone. It's available via Bandcamp, itunes and a few other places, grab it whilst you can, it might just be your favourite EP of the year.

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Los Porcos – Jones’ New Groove

Been sat on this one for a couple of weeks now, but it came up on my playlist today and had to blog it:

Los Porcos – Jones' New Groove

But I guess one of the biggest issues with the whole Nu-Disco and current Disco house sound is that it lacks that human feel to it. So it's always nice to hear alternative takes on the disco and funk genre, especially when it's got that live natural swing about it and “Jones' New Groove” is a perfect example of that.

Its a slow burning mellow little number, that makes me think of drifting LA sunsets on Venice beach, or cruising on Melrose windows down and system blaring (happy days). Starting out with a lovely little funk guitar lick and a lovely fingered bass that just groove along, the drums come in and bring ten tons of swing but it's the bridge that really does it, the hand claps, the chord change it just elevates everything up a notch.

Anyway, I'd like to write more but i know absolutely nothign about Los Porcos or the label Ocean and can find very little of worth on line, but…. it's a great little tune so i suggest you just cut straight to listening to it, It's hard to be into modern dance music and not appreciate soul, disco and funk, and why would you want to?


Tuxedo – Do It

One of the best albums I've picked up lately is the Tuxedo LP on Stones Throw, and todays journey was firmly sound tracked by it, so i'm going to kind of take a freebie in selecting one track from it,

Tuxedo – Do It

Now, I've always been a bit of a soul boy at heart, and I was a big fan of bands like SOS Band, New Edition, Change, Prince and the Time, Janet Jackson and specifically the production work of Jam and Lewis, so when i first heard the Tuxedo material I was blown away by how on point it was whilst still sounding fresh and new…sure people have touched on that style, (Up Town Funk anyone?),  but if i'm honest they've all been missing something but not the Tuxedo stuff.

The album as a whole is very consistent, Hawthorne’s vocals over Jake ones lush synth work, but for me te stand out tracks are Do It, Number One and Watch the Dance. 

Yeah, it's a bit cheesy in places (it's meant to be), and yeah the lyrics are silly bubble gum rubbish (again that's the whole point), and in that way it taps right into the feel and emotions of the 80's.

I guess what i really like about it is that it taps into that soulful pop sound that has been doing the rounds whilst still bringing the 8bit 80's synth sounds of artists like Com Truise, Dâm-Funk and co without ever sounding like them – ah, i dunno it's hard to explain, but just rest assured if you like 80's pop you'll like this, and if you like 80's soul you'll love this.

It's available via bandcamp and a bunch of other places, ’tis good check it out, plus they do a mean live show that is totally worth catching:

The Revenge – Live In Paris

As you will know I'm a big fan of the Revenge, and I was a little disappointed to not catch the live show when he visited Paris the other month, i'd been eagerly awaiting the LP and picking up on some of the live stuff and it looked good. So i was pleased to see them release the live performance from Badaboum last week, and it’s been getting constant plays since:

The Revenge – Live In Paris

If you've taken the time to catch the album you'll have a rough idea of what's coming – deep jacking house firmly rooted in the Chicago pro-house style.

The set is, relentless, and more akin to a DJ set in that it starts then doesn't stop for a good hour, constantly mutating, changing groove, and smashing back in with those superb snare focused beats with lashing of resonance filter abuse. It's layered in subtle little that repeated listens unlock, but the fundamental aspect of the set is just one long mutating mesmerising set.

It's best listened to so I'll leave you to it, it's available on Bandcamp (linked below) for the measly sum of £3.50, grab it:

Blue Boy – So Lonely

There has been a lot going on behind the scenes of The Walk to Work, so posts have not been the most regular, but we always said we wanted to focus on quality over quantity and rather than just posting for the sake of posting we've just made sure we posted when something awesome came up, hence today i'm posting the insanely good:

Blue Boy – So Lonely

I reckon pretty much everyone over the age of 25 knows Blue Boys seminal track “Remember Me”, it was quite frankly huge – and rightly so, but tucked away on the rest of the EP were three equally superb tracks that just never quite got the recognition. The Acid Wig out of Clickwork 91, the Marvin Gaye sampling Funky Friday and So Lonely.

Now, in the scheme of things the track is about as basic as tracks get. A huge unmissable sample from Roy Ayers’s “Freaky Deaky” provides the backbone of the track, with a stomping layered beast of a drum track. But it's the less obvious key and vocal sample from So Lonely by Gino Soccio that really brings the track through what would have been a mediocre DJ tool to a full on Dance floor breaking classic, it's Deep House, but not as you probably know it.

It came out in 1996, originally on the mighty Guidance Records who might just be one of the best labels to ever grace the music scene, but you can still get it on any number of compilations and all the music sites, so if you like it grab it.

Aaaaand on that note I'll let you listen.

20syl – Back & Forth

May is a strange month in Paris, Bank Holidays galore – which means the Parisians go off on their long weekends, and travelling is nice and chilled. Except for today when my train was delayed by 3 hours thanks to power cables failing… C'est la vie. But it gave me plenty of listening time, and a lot of it was taken up by the new Motifs II EP by 20syl from C2C. Lot's of good tracks on the EP but i’m gonna lump for the track:

20syl – Back & Forth

Now if you’ve heard any of the Pretty Lights, Mux Mool and On and On’s very own Beat Torrent (and the wider French Electronic Beat Scene) you’ll know what’s coming, bit crushed, 8 beat beats with bass heavy synths carrying the under melody. The track doesn’t deviate much, but the little flourishes 20syl brings are the difference between it being a run of the mill downbeat hip hop track and something you’ll revisit a number of occasions. There is also a fantastic little G Funk zapp style synth solo that’s worth the admission price alone.

If you follow the blog on Facebook (and if you don't you really should), you’ll have seen me post this there last week (the video is below), you’ll also know i'm a big fan of the On and On collective, especially the C2C team and their respective off shoot projects. For me though 20syl has always been the pick of the team, and it's been interesting to see him move from the traditional Hip Hop of his work with groups like Hocus Pocus to the downbeat Electronica of the last C2C album and his original Motifs EP and tracks like Kodama.

Disco Despair – I’m No Good (Feat. Her Favorite Flavor)

Been away on holiday for a week or so, so woefully behind on posts and all the music we've been sent, but the one thing a 6 hour drive gives you is some listening time. As you may, or may not, know driving with a small child in the back can make listening to music tricky (the Kendrick Lamar Lp is out for example) but when you do find a track kids like they tend to demand it be put on repeat for an eye clawingly long time…. and today's choice got some "play it again poppa" action form Aapie Jr

Disco Despair – I'm No Good (Feat. Her Favorite Flavor)

Now i've featured some of the Finnish Label ¥Ø܆H C0NTR0L material before, the EP by Roisto a few months back, and "I'm no good" is of a similar disco house ilk. Something i like about ¥Ø܆H C0NTR0L is how they seem to be developing a canny knack for tracks that toe the line between big room house and those bridge tracks that you'll hear across multiple genre sets and compilations like Hed Kandi and Future Disco.

Which kind of makes sense as Disco Despair is actually an alias for Lassi Vierimaa who you may know as Scape who dropped a huge track a huge track in "be my friend" about 2004. 

"I'm no good" starts out with a big electro house intro, single note walking bass line and a mellow vocal, but it's all about when the track kicks into the Chorus, filtered chords, a big fat bouncing slapped bass and a catchy as hell vocal hook. The track is just one of those tracks that you'll end up hearing everywhere.

I guess it reminds me a lot of stuff like Mademoiselle, Defender and the ilk… anyway, it's a great little track, from a great label that's clearly got a solid game plan in place. 

Tanlines – Slipping Away

Sorry for the lack of posts. Aapies been away and it’s been a pretty hectic time. But at least there is a post now and I’m sharing a track from an upcoming album I’m really excited about.

Slipping Away by Tanlines.

Tanlines are a duo from Brooklyn who make some great electronic synth pop. In 2010 they released the excellent Settings EP,  a brilliant electronic, percussive pop set that really made a mark on me at the time. Then in 2012 they released the also great album Mixed Emotions. In may they will release their next album Highlights.

Today’s track, Slipping Away, is the first single from that album and is another great piece of indie, electronic pop. It’s possibly got more of an early New Order slant than their previous stuff. I think it’s ace and can’t wait for the whole album.

Marbeya Sound – Non reciprocal

Whew! it’s been a busy weekend, with lots going on and little time to listen to music, but this morning i was up before everyone else and i decided to quickly load up my Nexus with a nice chilled selection to listen to. Chilled, such an odd word in the context of music, conjures such horrible images of tie dyed clothes and sandals, but much like Balearic it’s more about how it makes you feel rather than a genre and today’s choice falls into both Chilled and Balearic:

Marbeya Sound – Non reciprocal

As readers know i’m a fan of the slow mo nu-disco sound, anything with a big fat ostinato bass line and a Spanish sounding guitar awash in reverb tends to do it for me and Non Reciprocal ticks all those boxes. It’s a track that delivers an image of sun kissed pool side parties and washed out sunsets on a sandy Mediterranean Island, form the moment the arppegiated guitar chord starts the track is straight into where it goes, gradually building with the introduction of the drums and main guitar licks, the lead synth counters everything perfectly with a melody and then around the 3:15 mark it all breaks down before heading off into a slightly darker morose melodic turn.

I have a thing for tracks that just plod happily along sucking you into their warm embrace. I guess some people think it’s boring but i just like that a tracks groove can wrap you up and never let go until it’s all too late, and Non Reciprocal is certainly one of those tracks – simple, mesmeric disco house.

Funnily I don’t know much about Marbeya Sound, I only knew one other track ( Origin of the Eagle) before going having a look off the back of this post. Originating from Mexico City they have had  a few things out on labels such as Fourplanes, and Cosmic Balearic Beats. The track is quite old, around 2010 if i recall right, but it’s never far from my playlists,  got that great slow mo vibe about it, also i's worth tracking down the Ilya Santana and the Rayko remixes of Non Reciprocal (below) which don't deviate far from the original, but just enough to make it worth having them all.

The Alkaholiks – Only When I’m Drunk

So I’m going to keep classics week going and I’m going to stay on the hip hop side but a bit newer than Aapies storming track yesterday.

The Alkaholiks,  Only When I’m Drunk.

Based on a sample from the classic hip hop/funk track Seven Minutes of Funk,  this used to be a constant in my dj sets. That break coupled with some superb MC’ing takes this track to another level.  Some of the lines are pretty near the mark but there are some brilliant ones too and after a couple of pretty funny verses they finish off with a quite poignant one.  Hip Hop as it should be.

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