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Kiasmos – Bent

Just a quick one tonight as it has been a long day, getting a 6am train to London and only walking back through the door just now. But I really wanted to stick up tonight’s track as it’s from an album I have been hammering lately:

Bent by Kiasmos

Kiasmos are Icelandic composer Ólafur Arnalds  and Janus Rasmussen from the Faroe Islands and part of the electro-pop outfit Bloodgroup. I am a big fan of the Erased Takes label who released this album (Kiasmos) and I have shared stuff by Nils Frahm and Rival Consoles before, but this release may be my favourite to date. It is an album of truly outstanding deep house.

It actually came out at the end of October 2014 but has been on my long list of stuff to check out. I am so glad I have got to it as it’s a beauty. The track I have gone for, bent, is a perfect amalgamation of  the minimal piano Arnalds is known for and gorgeous electronica and deep house sensibility. Nothing I say is going to capture it, just check it out. Truly outstanding.

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Digital Underground – The Humpty Dance

Sick child at the weekend meant not much time for my own things, so after watching my little pony Rainbow rocks for about the  100th time in 48 hours i decided i needed to lighten my mood and dialed in the first Digital Underground LP Sex Packets.

If you don't have it get it, it's a classic and there can be only one choice off that album:

Digital Underground – The Humpty Dance

Yes, it's an obvious choice, yes it's been done a billion times before but….. it's still brilliant, and really lightened my mood.

Obviously i dont' need to go into too much detail about the track. Needless to say Shock G is the MC and producer. It's a masterclass in sampling, featuring Parliament, SLy and the Family stone and the Vibrettes and his cheesy but cool delivery. The whole song is one massive diss to the super polished Hip Hop bands of the time, especially Mc Hammer and the video is as funny as the song is great.

And on that note i'm just gonna leave this here:

Sufjan Stevens – No Shade In The Shadow Of The Cross

I have been missing in action from the blog over the last week and a bit due to holiday and work. Aapie has propped us up.

So today I’m back, with a quick one that is a bit different from the stuff we normally post, but a track that had to go up.

No Shade In The Shadow of The Cross by Sufjan Stevens.

I am a huge fan of his work, in fact I think he has put out some of the most brilliant and emotive music in the last 10 years or so. His stuff has the ability to reduce me to tears on a regular basis. After the electronic cacophony of The Age of Adz album he has returned (for this track at least) to his more folk, acoustic leanings. It sounds great.

This is the first single from his upcoming be album. Once again he uses religious imagery and abrupt lyrics to create a compelling, atmospheric track when coupled with his guitar picking and multi-tracked voice. I can’t wait for the album.

As I don’t get the chance to blog about him much I have also posted up and older track, of the same style, from the album Illinois, Decatur, or round of applause for your step mother. A beautiful track with some amazing lyrics.

Atmosphere – Dancing in Outer Space (The Revenge Rework)

Up early thanks to my wee lad, and I managed to get to the station in time to catch a slightly earlier train meaning a nice relaxing journey in with almost no one else in my carriage. So feet on table (not really), magazine in hand and headphones in and relax to:

Atmosphere – Dancing in Outer Space (The Revenge Re-work)

Growing up in deepest Darkest Essex you tended to get exposed to a lot of Soul and Dance Music, and a classic track at the many Funk, Boogie and Soul nights was Dancing in Outer Space. The original is deep space disco with an afro-jazz tinge to it. But the Revenge have thrown that right out the window and turned it into a simple four four loopy stomper.

Every time I feature a re-edit or re-work on here I mention that sounding simple doesn’t mean it is, there is a real art to taking the smallest of parts building it back into an interesting track without ever losing the feel of the original, and despite their being a little of the original left in the re-work it’s unmistakable as “Dancing in Outer space”.

The track, as mentioned above, is a very tracky slice of deep house, the small one/two bar loop seldom changing, but the tapped bass line and driving drums urge the track on leading to a 2step reggae style guitar lick being integral to the closing stanza of the track. It’s about as simple (but not really) as it comes, and a superb slice of dance floor mayhem.

Two posts about projects from the 6th Borough boys in as many days may seem excessive but they’re both gems, enjoy

Craig Smith – Love, Hate & Everything Inbetween

Didn’t get much time to blog last week, we’ve both been busy and this blog is strictly a labour of love so occasionally we let posts slip. I was adamant to get something up today though and loaded up my Nexus at the weekend with a bunch of music that I’d bought but never really had time to listen to outside of DJ’ing, it was also a pretty relaxed journey in for me today traveling outside the rush hour really changes how much you can enjoy the luxury of sitting back zoning out and watching the landscapes drift by.

Sound tracking the vast majority of my journey in today was the brilliant new Craig Smith LP:

Craig Smith – Love, Hate & Everything Inbetween.

Obviously it’s difficult to blog about an album the way we do it, as we always try to pick out tracks, but it’s really impossible to separate them out. The album is deeply rooted in soul and deep house, but it’s far more of a listen than a dance floor filler. Much much darker than the 6thBorough Project material it's also far more emotive and feels much more personal than the 6th Borough stuff. It’s built on dark strings and big square wav bass lines and bright sparkling FM bells with lashings of spoken word sound bites floating around the down points in the track.

The stand out tracks for me are Holding on & Letting Go and Forever but like i said the whole  album works so well as a journey it’s very hard to separate it out. The digital copy comes with the Frederick remix of Forever, it's available as a digital or physical release, you can still get limited edition CD’s from the Roar Groove Bandcamp page.

D.I.T.C – Day One

Been a hectic few days and just had no time to post, so this morning I set out on my trip to work with one goal in mind to listen to some music. I decided it was time I rediscovered some hip hop and reloaded my Nexus with some classic beats and about three tracks the amazing D.I.T.C hit my ears:

D.I.T.C – Day One

If you know hip hop you know D.I.T.C if not then you need to find out about them because it's essentially one of the greatest hip hop crews to ever walk the earth. A super group that wasn't a super group until the group split (if that makes sense) it consisted of eight of the greatest rappers and hip hop producers the world of hip hop has ever seen.

One of my favourite tracks by D.I.T.C was always Day One, the 1997 track from their debut album, produced by Diamond D and featuring verses by Diamond D, Big L, A.G, Lord Finesse and O.C.

The thing i love about there style is how laid back their voices are, they are so relaxed when rapping you can almost feel them reclining in their chair, it's also nice to hear hip hop with very minimal swearing., all over a massive sample of "Oliver Sain's – On the Hill".


Orange Juice – Rip It Up

It’s been a crazy couple of weeks and so it’s been a while since I pasted something up. Driving to work today, pretty tired, I flicked through quite a few bits, across the radio, USB and CD, but when this came on it had to go up. It brought such a smile to my face.

Rip It Up by Orange Juice.

Many times, probably drunk in a bar or a pub, I have stated that this is the best pop song ever. And in the sober light of day, i stand by that statement. It’s a track most know and love and there’s a good reason for that. It’s genius.

Indie boys doing chic, what’s not to love. The gorgeousness and funkiness of that heavily affected guitar riff still blows my mind every time I hear it. Plus the bass and rhythm guitar are brilliant too not to mention Mr Collins brilliant vocal.

After all this time it still sounds so good. When I was djing and there were no CD players or mp3s I hunted a 7″ coy of this down so I could play it out. It always went down a storm. Turn it up and get your air rhythm guitar out.

Jersey Devil Social Club – Italo Bassline

It's a short week for me this week, and I'm not going to lie, I was planning on taking i easy at work – no luck there so instead i've been chilling on the train with some of my favourite house music and in particular an old playlist from about three years ago that takes in a ton of "disco" tinged tracks by the likes of Metro Area, Kerrier district and today’s choice:

Jersey Devil Social club – Italo Bassline

Italo Bassline by JDSC is pretty much exactly what you expect, a drum machine laden 80's proto-house work out, think Kano and Man Parrish and you're nearly there.

The track starts out simple enough, drums, oodles of reverb, a big fat chunky bassline that is as funny as it is catchy, and as camp as it is cutting edge and like most italo disco dosen't rally go many places other than grooving along..and there isn't much to say past that.

I'm a big fan of Morgan Geist, Metro Area was one of my favourite all time Dance Albums, and some of his remix work for artists like Hot Toddy never leave my ear-buds so i'm kind of surprised it's taken me so long to get around to blogging the Jersey Devil Social Club.


The Revenge – Live At The Sub Club

Bit of a cop out this one today, and extremely lazy of me, but it's so good there was no way I couldn't include it… As most readers will know, I'm pretty much obsessed with the Revenge and Clash Magazine are today streaming Monsieur Clarkes live set from NYE at the Sub Club.

It's a hum dinger of a set, taking in a ton of unreleased music – the feel of the set is as sleazy as it comes never letting up on the slow mesmeric grind – it's deep house at it's breathless pulsating best.

The clash article is here:  it's worth a read, the set is below:


Roisto – Apart in Love

I had a day off today so i'm going to take a freebie and choose something that both Fourbearsjr and myself have been arguing over who's going to post for a good week or so now.

Roisto – Apart in Love

One of my favourite periods in dance music is the early 00's, and the whole French touch house scene, it's often looked on as a bit cheesy, due to the fact it literally took over the world, but it's hard to deny the sheer quality of output by labels like Crydamour and artists like Buffalo Bunch, Alan Braxe and the like.

My ears always prick up at any track that contains those unmistakable filtered Rhodes chords and side chained bass lines…. but to be honest few people really nail that sound, but Finnish producer Roisto is certainly one of those guys who's got it in one.

It's pure unadulterated Disco, a driving beat pumps the track along but never overrides everything but the track really hits home when the filtered, chopped and delayed vocal starts to cut through.

To be honest though, even though I chose "Apart in Love" I love the whole EP. Apart in Love is probably the easiest jumping on trackbut the whole EP on Finnish label ¥Ø܆H C0NTR0L is simply outstanding, the modern funk of "I'm who you need" is an absolute dancefloor destroyer, and a must for any DJ playing a chilled early evening house set.

All in all a great listen, you can pick it up on iTunes  and it’s also worth checking out the super cool little video as well. enjoy:

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